The Restaurant in Meshchersky Park






720 m2




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Yana Demina, Ilya Belyakov

Among plenty of parks that Moscow is famous for, Meshchersky Park stands out due to its special location emphasizing the borderline between the urban fabric and the greenscape of suburbs. This peculiarity determines the whole concept of the restaurant from the point of architecture and functional scenarios of the space.

Addressing spatial features of contemporary urban architecture, the project reinvents its core elements such as arcades, windows and terraces with the usage of natural materials including wood. 

The monolite volume of the building combines three different gastronomic formats: the first floor is occupied by cafe and bar, whereas the whole second floor is taken by the restaurant featuring the idea of an open kitchen.

The seasonal character of the guest’s flow influences the spatial logic of the first floor involving a cafe zone paired with a vast indoor terrace. In the winter, during the low season, this architectural solution helps to avoid a feeling of desolation, whereas in the summer, with the rise of the flow, the capacity of the terrace helps to increase the number of available seats. 

The placement of the restaurant as well as the separate entrance help to keep it apart from the busy rhythms of the first level. Despite the isolated character of the space, the restaurant remains connected to the surrounding park thanks to façade glazing and open balcony allowing the visitors to get some fresh air without interrupting their dining experience.