Tack Tack by Spasibo

Year: 2020 

Size: 57 m2

Location: Saint Petersburg

Status: completed

Team: Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Ekaterina Rostova

The project is a collaboration with Yaroslav Misonzhnikov

A new resale store TACK! TACK! by Spasibo has opened right in the center of MEGA Dybenko shopping mall located in Saint Petersburg, Russia. It offers second hand and discount designer clothing, recycled products, natural cosmetics and items supplied by charity funds.

Focusing on worldwide trends, the store promotes rational consumption, principles of cyclical economy as well as conscious and slow fashion. The project is initiated by the teams of MEGA, which is a part of IKEA Russia company, and Spasibo! — the first chain of charity stores in Russia. This collaborative spirit defines the name of the store, where the Swedish word “tack" stands for “thank you” or “spasibo” in Russian.

To construct the walls and the floor, we chose Marmoleum Piano produced from eco-friendly and renewable materials. Stainless steel is used in many elements of retail equipment. While recycled plastic bags form the fitting room curtains, the coffee table features plenty of plastic bottle caps melted and reinvented by 99recycle company.