Rzhevskaya library




950 m2


Saint Petersburg



Due to the rapid development and spread of technologies libraries as such experience the second birth and turn into spaces where traditional and contemporary ways of working with data become equal. Various examples of renewed libraries prove that technologies shouldn’t be associated with a threat to the culture of reading on the contrary, they do work as a key to overall presence and accessibility of information.

The libraries located on Industrialny prospekt, including Rzhevskaya library, are united with the city theme. The format of “urban living room” developed in the project converts the library into a place for meetings and communication.

This principle of work can be fulfilled based on the present qualities of the library: perfectly chosen book archive, the work of historical and theater clubs as well as the center of juristic information. Through the modernisation the library will get a chance to develop and enrich its functional program by introducing several project like artistic workshops, local events or reading group activities.

Rzhevskaya library occupies the first floor of the block house built in the 1980's, hence is the absence of any historical elements that need to be preserved, except for the geometrical panels covering the hall.

The concept of modernization is based on rational principles, laconic materials, potential of the space and the lack of any expensive and complicated construction works. The renewed space liberated from partitions and layers of later materials will fill the library with light and air.