Respublica* store




240 m2


Saint Petersburg




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Alexandra Kim, Yelizaveta Dorrer, Ekaterina Antonova

It might seem that the interior of the bookstore is based on the blue reticulated ladder and the yellow column as a bright coloristic accent strictly dividing the space into several zones. Even though the minimalistic continuous floor, the white brickwork and the downward bookshelves might be percepted as a careful invasion to the space, they actually play the key role in forming the interior’s infrastructure.

The furniture individually designed for the bookstore is multifunctional: mobile modules work both as the demonstration windows and the book storage while the metal net decorating the wall of the second floor is also used as a construction for exhibiting posters. The interior design reflects the philosophy of Respublica* bookstore where the main role in forming the space is given to visitors, books, postcards and various souvenirs. The architecture of the space supports this idea and works as a suitable background for the spirit of the bookstore.