Tochka na Karte in Vidlitsa


2019 – 2020


866 m2


Vidlitsa, Republic of Karelia




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Yana Demina, Ilya Belyakov

The East coast of Ladoga lake is marked by brand-new “Tochka na Karte” (Russian for “A point on the map”) Country Hotel that is isolated from any inhabited places and surrounded by wild Karelian landscape. The pine forest, the vast sandy beach and the lake resembling the sea by its scale and character have became the primary guidance and the context of the architecture. Nature has also influenced both the technological and material basis of the project as well as less global decisions – small scale architectural elements like benches and street lights corresponding with their surroundings. 

The core of the hotel is formed by 15 bijou private houses offering an opportunity for reclusive recreation in the natural environment: panoramic glazing and individual terraces provide a personal view to the waterfront and the forest while the presence of separate parking lots helps to avoid any traffic congestion.

All of the houses are built with the usage of prefabricated technology, which is the most suitable and sustainable choice for construction in remote locations. Every home consists of 2 modules making up the L-shaped area, including a large terrace and a compact space capable of accommodating up to 4 guests. Apart from basic and necessary elements, the houses are equipped with a personal sauna – an essential attribute of truly nordic vacation. 

The intention to create an expressive and, at the same time, diverse architectural environment is realized through 4 exterior design types. Sharing the prefabricated basis and the idea of sequence, the houses stand out with the textures of façades that vary from smooth to ribbed surfaces emphasizing the aesthetic of gaps and edges. The colour of impregnated pine wood chosen as a finishing material works as another criterion responsible for the distinctive design of the houses. Every type is also complimented with specific variation of canopies – either the monolite ones that follow the general logic of the volume or the ones that “float” in the air being marked with a  window.