Dog Shelter in Meshersky Park




Meshersky Park, Moscow region 


1313 м2




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Nikolay Pokorsky, Artem Nikitin, Yelizaveta Dorrer, Maria Kachalova

The work of any dog shelter usually follows two main goals which are the animal’s comfort and the search for adoption possibilities. However, both of these aims often contradict one another: for the safety reasons, animals are kept away from human beings, while the understanding of shelter’s inner mechanisms helps the regular visitor to become a potential dog owner.

Considering these peculiarities, the project intends to immerse the visitors in the life of the shelter with no harm for its inhabitants.  

Structurally, the building consists of 5 functional blocks: dog and pet aviaries, veterinar section, technical support and administrative volume, welcoming the guests on their way to the shelter. Entering the building, the visitors pass by the glass-enclosed technical area which demonstrates the scenes of shelter’s everyday life.

The glazing of administrative block and special viewpoints allow one to observe the dogs, going through different stages of their lives in the shelter.

The aviary block is designed with dog’s comfort in mind. Its vast linear structure is oriented towards the eastern, the northern and the southern sides and protected from the western winds. Ribbon windows of the block provide a view to the inner yard, while 1,5 meter high sills spare the dogs from unwanted visual contact, leaving the space visible for the workers. 

Special attention is paid to the arrangement of dog walking areas and training grounds. All of these zones are located on the eastern side of the park, forming up an enclosed and calm space. The existing trees and bushes are integrated into the general project scenario, offering necessary shadows and protecting the dogs from summer heat.