Dymov Ceramic Factory




2315 m2


Suzdal, Vladimirsky region




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Ilya Belyakov, Ekaterina Antonova

The building of Dymov ceramic factory combines clarity, rationality and simplicity of realization with the expressiveness of the silhouette. The factory consists of a central block and two side units, forming up the monolith volume and the full-scale cour d’honneur. 

The project considers peculiarities of both ceramic production and construction site, demonstrating the core difference between the design of northern and southern façades. The northern part contains the majority of windows, letting in the diffused daylight, while the windows of the southern part are covered with blades, preventing factory departments equipped with kilns from extraordinary heat. 

The smoothness of the exterior finish is achieved through the choice of a sandwich construction and the hidden type of its binding. The main façade is complemented with the screen made either of impregnated or heat treated wood that doesn’t rot and decay. The screen doesn’t belong to the construction base or the thermal envelope of the building – it can be installed or replaced at any stage of construction works and even during the working hours of the fabric.