Yelizovo Airport




4796 m2





Project team:

Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Ilya Belyakov, Roman Berdnik, Lubov Lukonina


The space of an airport – always placed outside and past any borders – has the potential to connect and unite, to be transformative and to transform our perception of distance, time and space. The ability to symbolically compress the space turning it into universal fabric coexists with this architectural typology being rooted in a particular location that allows one to think of an airport as a mixture of global and general signs placed in the local context. 

The design of hospitality zones at Yelizovo airport is based on the mentioned spacious game and expressed in the combination of geographically different, yet ideologically similar design approaches – Scandinavian and Japanese ones. The result of this combination is seen in the presence of opened textures, wooden surfaces, smooth lines and the abundance of light. 

The public spaces are filled with minimalistic and expressive furniture. The choice of classical and recognizable design items is explained by the main users of hospitality zones  – travelers and strangers who are not integrated into the local context and just stop by while being on the move. 

Seen from this perspective, the mission of these spaces is to be as clear and as recognizable as possible in order to provide the guests with the sense of calm and shelter. 

The imagery of the project calls upon the airport’s location which is the wild nature of Kamchatka. This environmental element is represented through the complex and simultaneously calm color palette as well as the presence of bright and reflective surfaces respectfully welcoming the surrounding landscape into the building.

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