Manifesta 10




70 m2


Saint Petersburg 




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Alexander Zinovyev, Maria Kochalova

The space was designed for Manifesta Biennial of Contemporary Art recently held at Saint Petersburg, Russia, and completed in General Staff halls. Educational space is designated for weekly workshops for children, meetings with artists, film screenings, exhibitions from the community workshops and video reports.

The project was focused on mobile functional objects which make playful yet cognitive atmosphere with flexibility.

Durable module floor preserved the unique parquetry

Due to high and intensive usabilty the unique parquetry was preserved by durable module floor.  Trunking walls along existing ones were made in order to prevent paint splashes on original surfaces.

Custom made furniture and objects for the educational space are bright and contrast, thus it allows to keep the existing colour palette of the historical room and break through a dull atmosphere.

Large tables for group work can be easliy folded into compact chests children could also sit on during big venues.

Soft cubes for seating are light-weight which is also benefit for children so they can arrange spaces themselves.

The space hosted many interesting events and helped young petersburgers to acquaint and try themselves in contemporary art.