Dim sum cafe



Size: 75 m2


Saint Petersburg




Evgeny Reshetov, Tatiana Sinelnikova, Julia Korovina, Alexandra Kim, Polina Shtanko, Yelizaveta Morozova, Anna Romanova 

The project of mono cafe specializing in dim sum, which is a particular style of Chinese cuisine focusing on steamed bite-sized starters, recreates the specific atmosphere of Asian lanes and eateries. The interior is based on materials and textures typical for Chinese cafes: small size tiles of slightly dirty shades, monochrome plastering and elements of deep vinous colour.

Asian-styled ascetic eatery is filled with loads of bright surfaces and simply looking furniture standing in balancing contrast to the dark boarded floor. 

The compact space is divided into 2 zones, one of which is occupied by the opened kitchen. Except for the inner cooking processes, the visitors can partially observe the essential tool of the dim sum preparation – a massive steamer.

The space in front of the kitchen is taken by the huge wooden table surrounded by quasi-office chairs. Their presence is a reference to vernacular tradition of hand-made seats that can be found all around China. 

The finishing touches are added through the elements that are native for Asian streets: ventilators, stainless steel grids and sheets which are applied to the walls and used in forming storage units.

The conceptual idea of the place is also emphasized through graphics and meaningful attributes such as bamboo steamer baskets that are used for serving various dishes cooked in the dim sum way.

↑Photographs taken during RHIZOME's trip to China

↑Michael Wolf: Sitting in China

↑Photograph taken during RHIZOME's trip to China