12,8 ha


Moskovskaya oblast


Competition, first award

The general idea of Minipolis is the synthesis of countryside lifestyle and the advantages of historical city centers organized as ancambles: spatial configuration of streets, scale of quarters, individual character of buildings, their placement and proportions. 

The harshness of Minipolis borders contrasts with the flexible nature of its inner space. It is organized as an inhabited area where pedestrians are allowed to walk through the traffic ways since the speed of the vehicles is limited to 20 m/h. The inner space smoothly blends into the square overlooking the river bank – the space that is opened both for inhabitants of Minipolis and their neighbours. Organized by the structure of clusters the inner yards are connected with the public pavement zone, though they still remain isolated and cozy owing to the thoughtful placement of low-rise volumes and the introduction of archways. 

Minipolis’ façades distinguish with their dual nature that is softened by the usage of sole materials and create a feeling of balance between the scale of the quarter and the scale of the separate block. The variety of flat plans suits to people of different age and social background and allows them to coexist in harmony. The majority of the houses include spaces for shops and services at the ground level, while the rest of commercial projects concentrate around the main square.